Workshop files

Before we start, you should download the following zip file:

Don't worry about waiting for it to finish, we just want to get the download started so that it's ready for later.

Open a terminal

We are going to be using the terminal A LOT. That's because the terminal is awesome.

On Ubuntu, you can open a terminal using the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-T.

On OSX, open a finder window and browse to Applications->Utilities->Terminal (you can also download and install iTerm2 which is a really nice terminal client written for OSX)

If you are using Windows, you will need to follow the instructions provided by Software Carpentry for configuring your machine to use UNIX-like tools.


For almost all of this tutorial we will explain every command as we come across it with this one exception. For now, please copy and paste the following command into your terminal -- we'll talk more about it later.

export HISTFILE=~/terminal_history_$(date -I)

Ok, on with the show!